Who Are The Real 99%?

The “Occupy Wall Street” protesters have adopted the phrase “We Are the 99%” on behalf of their cause these past weeks, however if you look at what they are calling for, and who they are, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

I have heard countless interviews of these people, including their spokespeople, admitting how they want to destroy and replace capitalism.  Their signs and chants often call to”Kill the Rich” and denounce jewish people.  Their actions often include disgraceful behavior, in some cases rapes and beatings, public sex and urination or worse, not to mention the destruction of property.  Is this in line with 99% of America?

Their protests have been endorsed by the Communist Party of America, Marxist organizations, the Islamist organization CARE and most recently the government of Iran!  Does THIS represent 99% of America?

They say they are unified against the 1% of the wealthiest in our country, yet they are frequently visited by hollywood celebrities and rap music artists, union leaders and political activists who indeed fall into that 1%.   Even the president, who himself is a millionaire, endorsed their cause (for his own political gain).

Of course, this “movement” has been orchestrated from the beginning and is far from grassroots.  You see when Obama won election in 2008, the community organizer used a “grassroots” campaign to win the hearts of Americans who wanted a change.  He used organizations like ACORN to go literally door-to-door to turn out voters and raise money.  Things haven’t gone so well since then and indeed conservatives developed a real grassroots movement in the form of the Tea Party, made up of Republicans, Independents and fiscally conservative Democrats, which largely contributed to historic Democratic losses in the 2010 elections. 

Amazingly, the Tea Party rallies have had none of the problems of the current protests yet they are continually called angry, violent, racists!  We know better of course.

Such a grassroots movement doesn’t exist for Obama today as a large portion of his supporters three years ago are disappointed in their man, whether they will admit it publicly or not.  So the administration had to work with other groups, anyone who will do so, to plan the latest ruse on the American public.  As has been documented already, the Occupy Wall Street protest was actually planned months ago by an anti-capitalist, anti-jewish organization out of Canada.  Interestingly, at the same time the administration was crafting their economic strategic plan to include raising taxes on the “wealthy” including a 5% surtax on the top, wait for it…1%.  See how this works?

So last month the president unveils his plan to tax the rich and force them to pay their “fair” share.  At the same time the OWS protesters attack the rich and call themselves the 99%.  Groups sympathetic to this, including organizations and leaders of ACORN who now do the same thing as before but under different front names, start hiring people to show up and protest.  Some paying $300 per week to anyone who will protest.  Of course whenever you have a protest there are always others who will gladly join in the cause so a mix of college students, homeless people and activists looking for their next protest party have joined in the show.  This is why you get so many different answers when the media asks participants why they are protesting.  What they don’t realize is they are pawns in this political game being used by these radical groups in cooperation with the democratic party and to some degree by the adminstration in the white house.

Just look at the issues: Many of these protesters complain about government bailouts, but do they not know that the democrats are the ones pushing for these more than anyone?  They complain about the Wall Street bankers and traders, but do they not know that Obama received more campaign money from Wall Street financiers than any president in history?  And they protest corporations lobbying the government for favors, but do they not understand this administration has milked the lobbyist machine as much as anyone, including massive loans and grants to companies in the green industry that never had a chance to succeed, mainly because of their owners political donations?

No these protesters have very little in common with 99% of Americans.  In fact they are more like 1% of America in what they believe in.  Ironically, if those not directly tied to the anti-capitalist organizations, those that have been sucked into this show had any intelligence on the issues, they’d see that their concerns are more in line with that of the Tea Party in which they bash.  Of course democrats have always been masters at projecting their own faults on the other party.

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