Like tens-of-millions of Americans I have grown up to love this country and respect what it stands for, as well as, what its founders envisioned it to be.  Like tens-of-millions of Americans I’ve tried to live my life the right way, worked hard at my job, provide for my family, respect our laws and others, and live within my financial means.  I have voted in every election I have been eligible for since becoming an adult.

However, over my lifetime I have seen the continual decline of the values and ideals this country was founded on, while at the same time watched as special interest groups, the mainstream media and politicians have, step-by-step, dismantled our culture and rebuilt it into one without christian values, worked to devalue the exceptionalism of of our nation in relation to the rest of the world, corrupted our government,  and worked to control the people of this country through increasing their power by means of money and regulation. 

Our leaders have lost their direction.  Nothing seems right anymore.  They think they can legislate goodness into people.  They think they can solve all problems.  Yet they cause many more problems that they can ever hope to solve!  Indeed today we have an administration and congress that has spent more money than any in history, creating higher deficits than any in history the past 30 months only to lecture us that they know best how to deal with our debt crisis!  And a significant percentage of people believe this!Has common sense completely disappeared?

But what is one to do.  I am but one person and this is a long road ahead. There is a great line in the movie “A Few Good Men”about how the soldier stands on the wall to protect us from our enemies so we sleep in peace.  Today I stand on that wall as I can no longer stand by and do nothing.  Not with a gun, but with my voice so that it may be heard and joined with others.  With facts to discredit the lies that are told every day, with information that most media won’t report.  Today I join others to begin to do my own small part to spread the word to fellow Americans such that we may, in our vast numbers, begin to return our nation to the ideals that it once had.  To bring issues to the forefront so that they may spur more citizens to make their voices be heard.  And with them help to bring common sense back to America.


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